ProductHunt Hackathon

36 hours of non-stop hacking action.

It was down for a whole 10 minutes!

Erik Torenberg tells hackers to meet in the presentation room.

Everyone is in the presentation room.

Most of the people seen in this picture left after a few hours and came back the next morning.

Ryan Hoover (ProductHunt) Sharing an Application with Tiffany Zhong and Elissa Shevinsky (Glimpse)

Namecheap representative.

Erik teaches hackers how to freestyle rap.

10 PM is an inappropriate time to take photos.

Man shows up to Hackathon and bypasses security to solicit a Halloween party and handout free glow sticks that keep monsters away.

Most of the people have left at this point.

Several tens of glowsticks were left lying around. Let's be fashionable about this.